For over 50 years, Markel has been developing bespoke insurance products to protect clients across the livestock industry from unusual and emerging risks. The team of expert underwriters work closely with a wide range of clients, from individual farms to international livestock operations, to develop market-leading animal mortality insurance solutions.

In 2016, Markel enhanced its offering by partnering with five respected Lloyd’s syndicates (Tokio Marine Kiln, Beazley, Faraday, Liberty, and Arch) to create the Markel Livestock Consortium – an insurance arrangement that means clients benefit from the simplicity of one insurer with the financial strength of six. Clients can now access specialist insurance coverage on a scale previously unavailable in all other markets.

The Markel Livestock Consortium offers the largest single risk capacity in the world (USD 30m for any one location / USD 20m for in transit) and provides clients with unique stability and security. The consortium structure means that clients can be confident of cover in advance of renewal, allowing them to operate undisturbed year-to-year.

By working closely with our clients to develop a deep understanding of their business, and drawing on decades of experience, we develop solutions to protect clients against unique and complex risks as they emerge. Our experienced perspective and unique data set supports nuanced underwriting, and our collaborative approach instils confidence in our clients because cover is designed through consultation and with transparency.

Our underwriting is built on an understanding that risks and their impact will evolve. The spread of infectious disease in recent years serves as an example of the way risks and their severity can change quickly and significantly. Our underwriters are dedicated to researching, understanding, and responding to risks to ensure that clients can be protected now and in the future.

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Markel Livestock Consortium Members

Lead insurer: Markel Syndicate 3000

Member insurers:

Tokio Marine Kiln





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We offer USD 30m for any one location / USD 20m for in-transit, which is the largest single risk capacity available worldwide.


Our policies insure losses caused by major events that result in the death of animals. We provide cover for most animal types and we specialise in cattle, poultry, and pigs. Our cover is available in all continents. Coverage options include: all-risks mortality, government slaughter, business interruption, standalone fire, value of the animal, clean-up costs, and increased cost of working. To learn more, please contact our underwriting team.


As the lead insurer, Markel Syndicate 3000 is the single underwriting contact, representing all member markets, which makes discussions, policy design, and claim settlements straightforward. The Markel Livestock Consortium benefits from the most experienced livestock underwriting team in the Lloyd’s market.


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